Material Handling Forum Events

Thu. 16 Dec. 2021 PhD Defence
Truck Platooning: Planning and Behaviour
Anirudh Kishore Bhoopalam (Lux Research)
Mon. 13 Dec. 2021 Research Seminar
The Value of Experience-Centric Stores in Omnichannel Retail
Robert Rooderkerk (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Mon. 6 Dec. 2021 Research Seminar
Examining the Impact of Leniency Bias on Supplier Audits
Tim Kraft (North Carolina State University)
Thu. 25 Nov. 2021 PhD Defence
Interorganizational Governance in Projects: Contracts and collaboration as alignment mechanism
Anna Nikulina (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Thu. 25 Nov. 2021 Research Seminar
Governing Crowds Solving Ill-structured Innovation Problems
Oliver Alexy (Technische Universität München)
Fri. 12 Nov. 2021 PhD Defence
Cost Allocation in Collaborative Transportation
Mathijs van Zon (PostNL)
Mon. 8 Nov. 2021 Research Seminar
Diffusion Approximations for a Class of Sequential Experimentation Problems*
Victor Araman (American University of Beirut)
Thu. 4 Nov. 2021 Research Seminar
I Speak Up to My Tech-Savvy Leader: Technological Savviness and Voice
Roshni Raveendhran (University of Virginia)
Thu. 14 Oct. 2021 PhD Defence
The Economic Consequences of Electricity Pricing in the Renewable Energy Era
Mohammad Ansarin (University of Luxembourg)