Management Scholarship and Scholars


What does it mean to be a management scholar? Why do we do what we do? How can we do a better job? Many of us will strive to make contributions to both academia and society. The purpose of this course is to familiarize management PhD students with the rules of the game associated with our field, starting your transition to a management scholar. Fundamental to this journal is the ability to provide constructive and developmental feedback to others and to effectively leverage guidance from mentors, coauthors, supervisors, peers, and colleagues. In the short run, students will begin engaging with management literature, personalized histories of leading scholars, writing, and learning about the review process. The long run goal is to socialize students into management scholarship early and enhance students’ odds for success as a management scholar.


Smith & Hitt (2007), Great Minds in Management: The Process of Theory Development, Oxford University Press. 


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