PhD in Management


The Organisation programme aims to develop and test fundamental theory in applied organisational research. It covers issues from the micro to the macro level of analysis.

The programme has two “centres of gravity” that provide focus and visibility to the programme’s research efforts: Organisational Behaviour, and Value-Based Organising. Both centres have a distinct focus, but also actively search for overlapping and interdisciplinary areas of research.

Current ORG Vacancies

Events & Seminars

Thu. 5 Oct. 2023 PhD Defence
Lonely-ship: The Emergence and Experience of Leader Loneliness
Ho Wa (Hodar) Lam (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Fri. 13 Oct. 2023 Research Seminar
Cultivating Futures: Situated Approaches to Entrepreneurial Storytelling, Technology Emergence, and Hype
Jean Clarke (EM LYON Business School)
Nelson Phillips (University of California Santa Barbara )