Resources for Current PhD Candidates

On MyERIM we provide resources for current candidates. Please log-in to MyERIM using your ERNA number (including for information on:

  • PhD Reference Guide
    In the PhD Reference Guide, or simply the PhD Guide, detailed information is provided for current PhD Candidates about the ERIM Doctoral Programme. It provides an overview of the history, mission and organisational structure of ERIM (Chapter 1), elaborates on the ERIM PhD track and summarises its milestones and course programme (Chapter 2; Chapter 3), while it also provides a comprehensive summary of the funding support (Chapter 4), research facilities (Chapter 5) and key contacts (Chapter 6).
  • Doctoral Regulations
    Read everything about Taking a doctor's degree in the doctoral regulations of Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  • ERIM PhD Series
    ERIM will co-ordinate the process towards the dissertation publication. This includes arranging an ISBN number, a reference/plagiarism check, the possibility to translate your English abstract to a Dutch one, ordering the cover page, invitations, dissertation and propositions.
  • Defending Your PhD Thesis

    In order to be admitted to the PhD defence procedure, an administrative procedure must be started through Hora Finita, the online registration system of the Beadle‚Äôs Office. Read more about Hora Finita, the PhD track and defence procedure, EUR PhD thesis requirements, Preparing your PhD defence ceremony and The day of the defence.

Are you not a PhD candidate yet, but considering to pursue a PhD at ERIM? Visit the Admissions website for information on applying to our PhD in Management.