ERIM PhD Council

The ERIM PhD Council is an advisory board within the ERIM organization, acting on behalf of the PhD Candidates. The ERIM PhD Council is composed of PhD Candidates who are formally affiliated with ERIM (a Candidate is formally affiliated with ERIM if his/her supervisor is an ERIM Fellow or Member). This Council chooses a board from among their number. This board is made up of a Chair, a Vice-Chair and one or more representatives.

2022-2023 Council Members

Will be announced asap

The objective of the PhD Council is to represent the interests of all PhD Candidates, officially affiliated with the research school ERIM. This representation of interests concerns all matters that play a part during the period of the PhD project. This covers the period from appointment up to and conferral of the doctorate.

Areas of attention of the ERIM PhD Council are:

  • Quality and quantity of the programme of study
  • Facilities for PhD Candidates
  • Research proposals of PhD Candidates
  • Doctoral thesis supervisors
  • Promoting contacts among PhD Candidates

Activities of the PhD Council:

  • New Year’s Dinner
  • Squash tournament
  • PhD trip
  • Lunches
  • Drinks
  • Two yearly meetings with all PhD candidates