Fully-funded PhD positions

Salary and Benefits

In the Netherlands, appointed PhD candidates are considered employees of the university and therefore no tuition fee is charged. This also means that our PhD vacancies are fully-funded and salaried positions. Salary and benefits are in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities (CAO).

The starting monthly salary for PhD candidates is € 2770,- in year 1, € 3226,- in year 2, € 3377,- in year 3, and € 3539,- in year 4 and 5 (all mentioned figures are gross and fixed amounts). Successful candidates are appointed on a full-time basis for a total of 4 or 5 years, depending on the project further extensions are possible. Candidates' performance is evaluated after 18 months and if positive, the contract is extended for additional 2.5 years.

Working at the Erasmus University Rotterdam means working in a professional environment, where development is encouraged through an active career and mobility policy. The Erasmus University Rotterdam highly appreciates flexibility and offers a 38-hour workweek, flexible working hours, maternal/paternal leave, holiday allowance, end of year bonus etc. Moreover, the University has a company childcare scheme, possibilities to participate in a terms of employment option model, company savings program and life insurance schemes and favourable collective insurance schemes. Employees can also make use of facilities such as sports facilities and the library. For more information about the employment conditions please visit the dedicated page on the EUR-website.

Furthermore, PhD candidates also benefit from the state-of-the-art research facilities and financial support programme (ESP-ERIM Support Programme), which ERIM has set up a for a wide range of research-related activities like conference participation and visits, international job market visits, external courses, scientific and educational literature, working visits to international supervisors, international research study/visit, etc.

External Funding

Most of ERIM's PhD positions are directly financed by internal funding from Erasmus University Rotterdam. However, it is also possible to pursue a PhD at ERIM by obtaining external funding such as a personal grant, a company financed project or a special (personal) scholarship fund.

In all cases, whether internally or externally financed, applicants must always meet ERIM's admission requirements in order to enter the ERIM doctoral programme (without any exceptions). Please note that ERIM's admission requirements may differ from those of grant providers and other external project financers, thus securing an external grant does not automatically imply an acceptance to ERIM's Doctoral Programme.

Note: ERIM is not responsible for external grants, so for any questions regarding external funding please contact the external grant providers.