Admission & Tuition


For admission to the Part-Time PhD Programme in Business and Management at ERIM, you must:

  • Be in a relevant discipline and willing to combine the Part-Time PhD Programme with your full-time or part-time job
  • Have a strong interest in research and proven track record that includes excellent study results, or writing and publishing of white papers, articles or other work
  • Hold an MSc degree in a relevant discipline. If you hold an MBA and have written an MBA thesis to complete it, you may be eligible for the programme as well. In case of doubt, please contact the programme's management team (
  • Have proof of proficiency in English*

In addition to these formal requirements, candidates will be selected according to excellence: Your CV, motivation, research ideas, and, if applicable, your reference from your future supervisor(s) will be taken into consideration.

The Admissions Committee requires the following from applicants with intended supervisors from ESE:

  • A research plan coordinated with the intended supervisor from ESE
  • Two reference letters
  • A reference letter from the future supervisor. Note that at least one of the supervisors has to be employed full-time by ESE

The Admissions Committee may also ask you to take a GMAT test or GRE as part of the evaluation process.

*ERIM requires applicants whose native language is not English to submit TOEFL/IELTS test scores. For the TOEFL, ERIM requires a total score of at least 100 on the internet-based test and all section scores (writing, speaking, reading, and listening) should be at least 23. A minimum score of 600 is required on the paper-based TOEFL test. For the IELTS a minimum overall band score of 7.5 is required. Furthermore, all section scores (writing, speaking, reading, and listening) should be at least 6.5. The language test results should not be older than 2 years. If you are a native English speaker, or if the language of instruction of your entire university education (bachelor and master programme) was English, you may apply for an exemption. The final decision on the exemption will be made by ERIM.


The programme fee is € 10,000 per year for the first two years, €7,000 for years 3 and 4, and €6,000 for each subsequent year, up to a maximum of €46,000.

These costs cover your admission to courses, tuition, coaching and supervision; your access to RSM’s research facilities; the cost of design, layout and printing for your PhD thesis; and the support of our communications team, for example to publicise your research findings to the corporate world and appropriate media.

A small number of tuition fee waivers will be considered in exceptional situations, where academically excellent candidates are not able to financially sustain program participation through their own resources. Waivers are granted for the duration of one year only. Decisions on the continuation of grants are taken on an annual basis and are contingent on study progress, need for financial support, and available budget.

Candidates who wish to apply for a tuition fee waiver need to indicate this during their application or, for enrolled candidates, at least two months prior to start of the academic year. Waiver requests need to be accompanied by a credible demonstration of financial necessity. This includes evidence of own income and the impossibility to obtain external financial support, such as a contribution from the employer or a research scholarship.