Part-Time PhD Dissertations

The PhD dissertations below are the result of ERIM’s Part-Time PhD Programme in Business and Management. Over the course of 6 years, part-time PhD candidates conduct research against the highest academic standards on topics with real-world application value, undergo training under the supervision of distinguished academic experts and faculty, and participate in international conferences – thereby creating a significant contribution to EUR’s mission to make a positive societal impact.

Mulder, F., New forms of leadership Leading in the plural and plural leadership, Supervisor: Prof. dr. S.R. Giessner, Co-supervisor: Prof. dr. B. Koene

Goldsby, C. M., Demystifying Digital Governance: Exploring the Mechanisms and Trade-offs of Blockchains for Organizations, Supervisor: Prof. dr. ir. J.C.M. van den Ende

Co-supervisor: Dr. H.J.D. Klapper

de Bruin Cardoso, I., The Dark Side of the NGO Halo: Exploring moral goodness as a driver for NGO unethical behavior, Supervisors: Prof. dr. S.P. Kaptein & Prof. dr. L.C.P.M. Meijs

Ouacha, M., Receiving by Giving The examining of cross-border diasporic and bi-cultural Philanthropy, Supervisor: Prof.dr. L.C.P.M. Meijs, Co-supervisor: Dr. C.H. Biekart

Carpentier, P.D.J. A New Frontier for the Study of the Commons
Promotors: Prof.dr. L.C.P.M. Meijs & Prof.dr. V.J.A. van de Vrande

Reinders, H.J. Financial Stability in a Changing Environment
Promotors: Prof.dr. D. Schoenmaker, Prof.dr. M.A. van Dijk

Renault, M. All for One and One for All: How Teams Adapt to Crises.
Promotors: Prof.dr. J.C.M. van den Ende & Dr. M. Tarakci

Caballero Santin, J.A. Stunted Innovation: How large incumbent companies fail in the era of supply chain digitalization.
Promotors: Prof. J.C.M. van den Ende & Dr. M. Stevens

Dekker, I. Academic Thriving; Optimising Student Development with Evidence-Based Higher Education.
Promotors: Prof. dr. M.C. Schippers, Dr. E. Klatter & Dr. E.J. Van Schooten

Van Zanten, J. A. Business in the Age of Sustainable Development.
Promotors: Prof.dr. R.J.M. van Tulder & Dr. F.H. Wijen.

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Langenbusch, C. A lot to lose. Organizational identity and emotions in institutional contexts.
Promotors: Prof.dr. J.P. Cornelissen & Prof.dr. G. Jacobs.

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Koolen-Maas, S.A. In the moment of giving: Essays on contemporary forms of private and corporate philanthropy.
Promotors: Prof.dr. L.C.P.M. Meijs & Prof.dr. J.P. Cornelissen.

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Duijm, P. On the Cyclical Nature of Finance: The role and impact of financial institutions,
Promotors: Prof.dr. D. Schoenmaker & Prof.dr. W.B. Wagner.

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