Martina Pocchiari, ERIM PhD Candidate

"Doing your PhD at ERIM is a major milestone towards academic career success."

Professor Pursey Heugens, Scientific Director ERIM

"At ERIM, we will train you to be an academic who creates positive social impact."

Professor Flore Bridoux, ERIM Director of Doctoral Education

Dr Caroline Witte, ERIM PhD Alumna, Assistant Professor at the department of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, RSM.

"At ERIM you get a world class research environment - it is incredible the way ERIM is willing to invest in the development of its PhDs."

Dr Mariano L.M. Heyden, ERIM PhD Alumnus, Associate Professor of Strategy & International Business at Monash Business School

Sai Kalvapalle, ERIM PhD Candidate

Hang-Yee Chan, ERIM PhD Candidate (alumni since March 2020)

"ERIM provides PhD students with a strong foundation for an international academic career."

Dr Eelco Kappe,  ERIM PhD Alumnus, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Pennsylvania State University

Sebastian Speer, ERIM PhD Candidate (alumni since November 2021)

Dyaran Bansraj, ERIM PhD Candidate (alumni since November 2020)

Paniz Gorji, ERIM PhD Candidate