PhD in ManagementFinance & Accounting

The Finance and Accounting programme aims to enhance understanding of the financial decision-making of firms, managers and market participants, as well as the functioning of financial markets and intermediaries.

The programme strives for high-quality scientific contributions in all major areas of finance and accounting, and to disseminate its knowledge locally and internationally. The three broad themes of the Finance and Accounting programme are: asset pricing, corporate finance and accounting.

Events & Seminars

Tue. 22 May. 2018 Research Seminar
The Cost of Liquidity Provision in Bond Markets During Periods of Market Stress
Creig Lewis (Vanderbilt University)
Thu. 24 May. 2018 Research Seminar
Evidence for the Feedback Role of Performance Measurement Systems
Shannon Anderson (University of California Davis)
Tue. 29 May. 2018 Research Seminar
ERIM Finance Seminar Johannes Stroebel
Johannes Stroebel (New York University)
Tue. 5 Jun. 2018 Research Seminar
Erasmus Accounting Seminar Bill Tayler
Bill Tayler (Brigham Young University)
Tue. 5 Jun. 2018 Research Seminar
ERIM Finance Seminar Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts (University of Pennsylvania)