PhD projects

in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) focuses on the effective and efficient management of the lifecycle of products and services. Successful SCM is imperative for any competitive business, but also for the public sector and other non-profit organisations. Through our research, education and engagement, we have an established record in achieving double impact; not just within academia but also in society at large. In research, we focus on four main areas:

  • Global Operations and Material Handling
    • Topics: International supply chains, sustainability, and facility logistics
    • Methods: Predominantly quantitative modelling, some large-scale empirical studies
  • Distribution and Transport
    • Topics: Planning, design and real-time management of transportation and logistics systems (goods and persons)
    • Methods: Mostly quantitative methods and tools
  • Analytics and Behavioral Operations Management
    • Topics: Demand forecasting, inventory management, assortment planning, supply chain coordination
    • Methods: Analytical modelling, empirical methods and behavioral experiments
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain Strategy
    • Topics: Supplier relations, contracting, health care procurement
    • Methods: Empirical methods including qualitative research, field and behavioral experiments