Advanced Qualitative Methods


The goal of this course is to provide students with in-depth knowledge of a range of different qualitative research methods, and to enable them to develop, fine tune and practice the methodological skills that are needed to think about, execute and publish excellent qualitative research.


The course explores a range of different qualitative methods both theoretically and practically. Over a period of six consecutive weeks, the course considers the implications of doing qualitative research. What does your choice for a qualitative research set up mean for the questions you can ask and the answers you may be given? Which different qualitative research methods are out there, what kind of data do they allow us to collect and what kind of skillset is necessary to use them? The course will elaborate on different streams of qualitative research, such as the interpretive tradition, discourse analysis and critical discourse analysis, participant observation, ethnography, and grounded theory. In preparation of each topic, the students are required to collect relevant data (if applicable students will have the opportunity to use their own data). Through these small assignments students will get a feel for the different methods and how they as a researcher are a research tool themselves. The process of data collection will be discussed in class, and the data will be used subsequently for research analysis methods.


In-class assignments (50%); Final paper (50%)


The literature for this course will consist of selected articles and book chapters that will be made available through Canvas.

Additional info

BERMMC003 Qualitative Methods/previous experiences with doing qualitative methods is prerequisite for this course.

The timetable for this course can be found in the EUR course guide.

ERIM PhD candidates and Research Master students can register for this course via Osiris Student.

External (non-ERIM) participants are welcome to this course. To register, please fill in the registration form and e-mail it to the ERIM Doctoral Office by four weeks prior to the start of the course. For external participants, the course fee is 260 euro per ECTS credit.