Time Window Assignment in Distribution Networks Defended on Friday, 15 November 2019

Many companies recognize that customer satisfaction is important when delivering goods, especially in competitive markets. They aim to assign time windows that are more convenient for the customers but that also keep the transportation cost low. The latter should not be overlooked, as time windows determine the transportation cost to a great extent.

In this project, we develop planning methods to assign time windows to customers. A customer can be the end consumer, as is the case in parcel delivery, but can also be a retail store that is supplied from the depot. Optimally assigning time windows is a complex problem that has remained largely unexplored. We improve existing methods and we develop new and innovative methods, which allow more and more practitioners to apply these methods to improve the satisfaction of their customers.


TWAVRP, time window assignment, uncertain demand, branch-price-and-cut, branch-and-cut

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