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Section Experimental Research

Application procedure

All research by RSM/ERIM researchers conducted at the Erasmus Behavioral Lab (EBL) requires approval by the RSM Internal Review Board, Section Experiments (RSM IRB-E). This procedure should help you proceed with this application. If you conduct research outside of the EBL, but need IRB approval as well, you will also need to follow the procedure below.

You can access the application form by logging into Ethics Monitor with your ERNA account. The automated approval process has been kept, and answering the questions in a certain manner will grant an automated approval. Otherwise, the application will be forwarded to the IRB and reviewed. The RSM IRB-E has six members and an application will be reviewed by three members. You can find more about the application procedure here.

In addition to the broad VSNU criteria, your research will be evaluated in terms of the APA’s ethical principles and code of conduct and AOM’s code of ethics.

After submitting the application form, you will receive a letter with the response from the RSM IRB-E within two weeks in most cases.

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Section Experimental Research