Publication and Dissemination

When it comes to publication and dissemination of research outputs, researchers are to be guided by the principles and good research standards as stated in the Code. Researchers are at all times expected to be honest in public communication and clear about the limitations of their research and their expertise. They are only to communicate to the general public about their research results if there is sufficient certainty about them. To support this, RSM has developed a research communication policy, which describes the School’s approach on how to achieve media visibility as well as societal impact, without jeopardizing the reputation of individual researchers and that of the School as a whole. Undergirding this approach are two simple principles: first, when research is not peer-reviewed, the research design and the conclusions derived from it must have been read by a fresh pair of eyes; second, every marketing and communication campaign has to be based on a transparent and publicly accessible research report. RSM and ESE have a team of dedicated media and PR professionals, who guide and help researchers disseminate their research outside of academic circles. Furthermore, the legal counsels help researchers when entering into agreements with commissioning parties and/or funding bodies to make sure that fair agreements are made about access to and the publication of data and research material.