Each year, the 200 Members of ERIM produce a wealth of publications. Next to academic and professional articles, our members publish their research results in books, bookchapters, conference proceedings, working papers, magazines and many other types of publications. This section of our portal brings together the different types of publications. The aim is to inform the visitors of our portal about the latest research results and make these results as visible and available as possible.

The section on Top Core publications contains a list of the most recent top academic articles, published in the best journals in the field of Research in Management.

On the Books page, the newest books by ERIM members are listed and described.

ERIM Series

To stimulate the communication and peer review processes between researchers and to strenghten the visibility and impact of the research results, ERIM produces a portfolio of ERIM Series, both in printed and electronic form. Through the ERIM Electronic Series portal are disclosed: 

Visibility and Open Access

The ERIM working papers are widely disclosed through academic networks like REPEC, SSRN and the Economics & Management Portal of The Digital Academic Repository of Erasmus University Rotterdam.