ERIM Membership

Researchers of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and Erasmus School of Economics can obtain an ERIM membership and become part of the ERIM community. ERIM is known worldwide for its research excellence, and members must meet its strict criteria for continuously conducting and publishing high-quality academic management research in journals with a high impact factor. Membership of ERIM membership clearly demonstrates top quality academic research.


The conditions for ERIM membership and the rights and obligations of members are defined in the ERIM Membership Charter (EMC) 2024-2028 (available on MyERIM). In brief, researchers wishing to obtain a membership should have a PhD degree and a publication record that meets the criteria.

Membership types

A researcher’s relationship with ERIM can take one of the following forms:

  • ERIM Member
  • ERIM Associate Member
  • ERIM Post-doctoral Member
  • ERIM Fellow
  • ERIM Visiting MemberERIM Honorary Member
  • ERIM Beneficiary


ERIM members can apply for ERIM Support Programmes (MyERIM login required) that offer financial support for research-related activities. ERIM members can also contact the ERIM Office for support and advice about activities that are designed to enhance the quality and quantity of research in management (e.g. applications for external funding, or use of the international ERIM network with other research schools).


Among the tasks ERIM members are obliged to do are:

  • Carrying out and disseminating high-quality research in the domain of research in management;
  • Actively initiating external funding initiatives to acquire top grants (e.g. NWO, ERC);
  • Supervising ERIM doctoral students;
  • Contributing to the ERIM PhD programmes;
  • Committing to implementing ERIM’s strategic goals
  • Collaboratively participating in activities relating to the ERIM research programme.

Qualifying publications

Researchers qualify for ERIM membership when they publish articles in journals on the ERIM Journal List, or articles in other journals with a sufficiently high ISI impact factor, or books and contributions to books. The requirements for ERIM membership differ and depend upon the number of qualifying publications in various outlets. The main journals are divided into:

  • P* (primary star);
  • M* (managerial, full article);
  • P (primary);
  • PA (primary aspirant);
  • S (secondary).

Application for membership

  • The ERIM Scientific Director decides on all ERIM Membership issues.
  • Any application for a new ERIM Membership (any type) should be submitted to the Scientific Director of ERIM by one of the ERIM Fellows of the ERIM Research Programme in which the proposed new member will do the research.
  • The one exception to this application procedure involves ERIM Beneficiaries, which are vetted for eligibility and submitted to the Scientific Director of ERIM annually by the Vice Dean Research of ESE (Associate Director of ERIM). New Tinbergen Institute Candidate or Research Fellows who aspire to become ERIM Beneficiaries should submit proof of their TI Fellowship to the Associate Director of ERIM. Their status is to be confirmed annually during the ERIM membership check (see EMC).
  • Applications for Associate Membership should include an up-to-date curriculum vita and a concise research plan covering the next three years.
  • Associate Members who wish to apply for conversion to regular ERIM Membership during the assessment year should submit their request via one of the ERIM Fellows in their ERIM Research Programme. Otherwise, their membership status is automatically updated during the next ERIM membership check (see EMC).

Detailed information and a downloadable PDF of the ERIM Membership Charter 2024 - 2028 is available on MyERIM (login for existing ERIM members only).