ERIM Outstanding Performance by A Young Researcher Award

ERIM Members and ERIM Associate Members who conduct excellent research whilst at the start of their research careers can be nominated for the ERIM Award for Outstanding Performance by a Young Researcher. More specifically, a nominee must have delivered extremely good research in the two years prior to receiving the award, while having obtained his or her PhD degree no more than five years ago. A jury consisting of three internal ERIM Fellows evaluates the academic quality, originality, and management implications of the research by nominees and selects a winner on the basis of this evaluation.

Winners of the ERIM Award for Outstanding Performance by a Young Researcher


Phyllis Wan (PhD in 2018)
Khadija van der Straaten (PhD in 2022)

2022 Yijun Li (PhD in 2020)
Sameer Mehta (PhD in 2020)
2021 Julija Mell (PhD in 2015)
Harwin de Vries (PhD in 2017)
2020 Thomas Lambert (PhD in 2015)
Richard Haans (PhD in 2017)
2019 Dan Schley (PhD in 2015)
Stefano Tasselli (PhD in 2014)
2018 Emilio Marti (PhD in 2015)
Christophe Lembregts (PhD in 2015)
2017 Aleksandar Andonov (PhD in 2014)
2016 Niels Rietveld (PhD in 2014)
2015     Gabriele Paolacci (PhD in 2012)
2014 Francisco UrzĂșa Infante (PhD in 2014)
2013 Patrick Verwijmeren (PhD in 2008)
2012 Aurélien Baillon (PhD in 2008)
David Veenman (PhD in 2011)
2011 Bram van den Bergh (PhD in 2009)
Dion Bongaerts (PhD in 2010)
2010 Stefano Puntoni (PhD in 2005)
2009 Martijn de Jong (PhD in 2008)
2008 Wilco van den Heuvel (PhD in 2006)
2007 Ralf van der Lans (PhD in 2006)
2006 Dennis Fok (PhD in 2003)
2005 Pursey Heugens (PhD in 2001)
2004 Katrijn Gielens (PhD in 1999)
2003 Stefan Stremersch (PhD in 2001)
2002 Richard Paap (PhD in 1997)