ERIM Top Article Award

The ERIM Top Article Award honours the best publication in management research in one of the field’s top journals. The winner of the award is selected by an academic committee consisting of the Scientific Directors of CentER (Tilburg University), METEOR (University of Maastricht) and SOM (University of Groningen). All these research schools are accredited by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

Winners of the ERIM Top Article Award

2023 Flore Bridoux
Flore Bridoux and J.W. Stoelhorst (2022). Stakeholder Governance: Solving the Collective Action Problems in Joint Value Creation. Academy of Management Review, Volume 47 - Issue 2.

Chen Li
Aurélien Baillon, Yoram Halevy, and Chen Li (2022). Randomize at Your Own Risk: On the Observability of Ambiguity Aversion. Econometrica, Volume 90 - Issue 3.

Ajay Bhaskarabhatla and Thomas Peeters
Ajay Bhaskarabhatla, Luís Cabral, Deepak Hegde, and Thomas Peeters (2021). Are Inventors or Firms the Engines of Innovation? Management Science, Volume 67 - Issue 6.


Julija Mell (Top Academic Article Award)
Julija N. Mell, Leslie A. DeChurch, Roger Th. A. J. Leenders and Noshir Contractor (2020). Identity asymmetries: An experimental investigation of social identity and information exchange in multiteam systems Academy of Management Journal, Volume 63 - Issue 5


Tim Eisert (Top Academic Article Award)
Viral V. Acharya, Tim Eisert, Christian Eufinger, Christian Hirsch (2019). Whatever It Takes: The Real Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy The Review of Financial Studies Vol. 32 - Issue 9


Hang-Yee Chan, Dr Maarten Boksem and Prof. Ale Smidts (Top Academic Article Award)
Hang-Yee Chan, Maarten Boksem, Ale Smidts (2018). Neural Profiling of Brands: Mapping Brand Image in Consumers’ Brains with Visual Templates. Journal of Marketing Research Vol. LV .

Dr Inga Hoever and Prof. Daan van Knippenberg (Top Academic Article Award)
Inga J. Hoever, Jing Zhou and Daan van Knippenberg (2018). Different strokes for different teams: The contingent effects of positive and negative feedback on the creativity of informationally homogeneous and diverse teams. Academy of Management Journal Vol. 61, No. 6

2018 Tina Davidson (Top Article Award)
Davidson, T.I.N, Van Dyne, L. (Linn), & Lin, B. (Bilian). (2017). Too attached to speak up? It depends: How supervisor–subordinate guanxi and perceived job control influence upward constructive voice. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 143, 39–53.

Joep Cornelissen (Top Article Award)
Cornelissen, J. (Joep). (2017). Editor's comments: Developing propositions, a process model, or a typology? Addressing the challenges of writing theory without a boilerplate. Academy of Management Review (Vol. 42, pp. 1–9).
2017 Bruno Jacobs, Bas Donkers, Dennis Fok (Junior Top Article Award)
Jacobs, B., Donkers. A.C.D. and Fok, D. (2016). Model-Based Purchase Predictions for Large Assortments. Marketing Science, volume 35(3): 389-404.
2017 Niels Rietveld (Top Article Award)
Rietveld, N and colleagues (2013). GWAS of 126,559 individuals identifies genetic variants associated with educational attainment. Science, 340 (6139), 1467-1471.
2016 Jürgen Mihm, Fabian Sting, Tan Wang (Junior Top Article Award)
Mihm, J., Sting, F.J. & Wang, Tan (2015). On the Effectiveness of Patenting Strategies in Innovation Races. Management Science, 61 (11), 2662-2684.
2016 Dirk van Dierendonck (Top Article Award)
Van Dierendonck, D. (2011). Servant leadership: A review and synthesis. Journal of Management, 37 (4), 1228-1261.
2015 Dirk Deichmann (Junior Top Article Award)
Deichmann, D., Ende, J.C.M. vd (2014) Rising from Failure and Learning from Success: The Role of Past Experience in Radical Initiative Taking Organisation Science, Vol. 25 (3): 670-690.
2015 John H. Roberts, Ujwal Kayande, Stefan Stremersch (Top Article Award)  
Roberts, J.H., Kayande, U., Stremersch, S. (2014) From Academic Research to Marketing Practice: Exploring the Marketing Science Value Chain International Journal of Research in Marketing, Vol. 31 (2), 127-140
2014 Ioannis Evangelidis and Jonathan Levav (Junior Top Article Award)
Evangedis, I., Levav, J., (2003) Prominence versus Dominance: How Relationships Between Alternatives Drive Decision Strategy and Choice Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 50, Issue 6, Pages 753-766.
2014 Justin Jansen, Michiel TempelaarFrans van den Bosch & Henk Volberda (Top Article Award)
Jansen J., Tempelaar M., Bosch, Frans vd. (2009) Structural Differentiation and Ambidexterity: The Mediating Role of Integration Mechanisms. Organisation Science, Vol. 20(4): 797-811.
2013 Wolf Ketter, John Collins, Maria Gini, Alok Gupta & Paul Schrater
Ketter, W., Collins, J.A., Gini, M., Gupta, A. and Schrater, P. (2012). Real-Time Tactical and Strategic Sales Management for Intelligent Agents Guided by Economic RegimesInformation Systems Research, 1- 21
2012 Sebastian Gryglewicz
Gryglewicz, S. (2011). A Theory of Corporate Financial Decisions with Liquidity and Solvency Concerns. Journal of Financial Economics, 99(2), 365-384.
2011 Hao Jiang
Jiang, H. (2010). Institutional Investors, Intangible Information and the Book-to-Market Effect. Journal of Financial Economics 96(1), 98–126.
2010 Yvonne van Everdingen, Dennis Fok & Stefan Stremersch  
Everdingen, Y.M. van, Fok, D. & Stremersch, S. (2009). Modeling Global Spillover of New Product Takeoff. Journal of Marketing Research 46(5), 637-652.
2009     Berk Ataman, Carl Mela & Harald van Heerde
Ataman, M.B., Mela, C.F., van Heerde, H.J. (2008). Building Brands. Marketing Science 27(6), 1036-1054.
2008 Ingolf Dittmann & Ernst Maug
Dittmann, I., Maug, E.G. (2007). Lower Salaries and no Options? On the Optimal Structure of Executive Pay. Journal of Finance 62(1), 303-343.
2007 Justin Jansen, Frans Van den Bosch & Henk Volberda
Jansen, J., Van Den Bosch, F.A.J., Volberda, H.W. (2006), Exploratory Innovation, Exploitative Innovation and Performance: Effects of Organizational Antecedents and Environmental Moderators. Management Science 52( 11), 1661-1674.
Hans van Oosterhout, Pursey Heugens & Muel Kaptein
Oosterhout, J. van, Heugens, P.P.M.A.R., Kaptein, M. (2006), The Internal Morality of Contracting: Advancing the Contractualist Endeavor in Business Ethics. Academy of Management Review 31(3), 521-539.
2006 Thierry Post & Haim Levy
Post, G.T., Levy, H. (2005). Does Risk Seeking Drive Stock Prices? A Stochastic Dominance Analysis of Aggregate Investor Preferences and Beliefs. The Review of Financial Studies 18(3), 925-953.
2005 Christophe van den Bulte & Stefan Stremersch
Van den Bulte, C., Stremersch, S. (2004). Social Contagion and Income Heterogeneity in New Diffusion: A Meta-Analytic Test. Marketing Science 23(4), 503-544.
2004 Thierry Post
Post,G.T. (2001). Empirical Tests for Stochastic Dominance Efficiency. Journal of Finance 58(5), 1905-1932.
2003 Sven Bouman & Ben Jacobsen
Bouman, S., Jacobsen, B. (2002). The Halloween Indicator, “Sell in May and go Away”: Another Puzzle. American Economic Review 92(5), 1618-1635.
2002 Ale Smidts, Ad Th.H. Pruyn & Cees van Riel
Smidts, A.,Pruyn, A.Th.H., van Riel, C.B.M. (2001).The Impact of Employee Communication and Perceived External Prestige on Organizational Identification. Academy of Management Journal 44(5), 1051-1062.