Internal Review Boards (IRB)

The ERIM Internal Review Boards (ERIM IRB) evaluate ethical aspects in research proposals of researchers, PhD candidates, and Research Master students. This includes both the collection of new data, as well as for instance collecting data from different existing sources and merging them. Proposals have to be approved before data collection takes place. This applies to all data collection, and thus the ‘comply or explain’ principle will be applicable.

ERIM IRBs approval is required prior to using any of EBL facilities. You may need to acquire ERIM IRBs approval for other purposes too, e.g. external funding or journal requirement. Approvals will not be given to projects retroactively where data collection has already taken place. Plan enough time for the process of approval. Each approval is unique and the board needs some time to evaluate all aspects before the decision can be made.

Note that in certain cases, such as processing (sensitive) personal data, you might have to provide the relevant board with a privacy assessment and a data management plan. They need to be handed in no later than the date of your application for ethical review. Plan enough time for these processes. Send the data management plan and the privacy assessment to either or

For the privacy assessment, contact Silvija Prancane and for the data management plan contact Miriam Braskova.

ERIM has two Internal review boards, one for experimental research (ERIM IRB-E) and one for non-experimental research (ERIM IRB-NE). Follow the links to learn more about the board and a procedure.