This section offers users of the ESC supporting material that can help them use the ESC, design the ESC surveys according to recommendations in the field, and write scholarly methods sections according to best practice.

  • Handbooks
  • Background reading
  • Guidelines
  • Forums and mail lists


Generally, users are best advised to use the build handbook within the ESC. You find a “help” button on the upper right corner. If you press it, you get access to the most up to date description of the ESC functions.

Downloadable guides:

Background reading

The portal is the entity on web-survey methodology. You can consult it for specific problems research related problems or to find relevant articles and books on the issue of web-based testing.


Forums and mail lists

  • Unipark forum 
    On the use of ESC (similar to the Unipark or Globalpark EFS)
  • Association of Internet Researchers (AOIR)
    The AOIR is an academic association dedicated to the advancement of the cross-disciplinary field of Internet studies. It is a resource and support network promoting critical and scholarly Internet research independent from traditional disciplines and existing across academic borders. The association is international in scope. 
  • German Internet Research List (GIR-L)
    GIR-L is a discussion list for all those who share an interest in social, communication and marketing research using the internet.   
  • Survey Research Methods Section (SRMS)
    The mission of the Section on Survey Research Methods is to promote the improvement of survey practice and the understanding of survey methods by encouraging both theoretical and applied research on survey-related topics and by disseminating information on survey methods. In order to post or receive messages from SRMSNet, you need to subscribe to their mailing list.