ERIM Support Programmes (ESP)

ERIM offers financial support to ERIM Fellows, ERIM Members, ERIM Associate Members and ERIM PhD candidates for a range of research-related activities.

Support for events and international collaboration  

  • ESP 1 Seminars and Seminar Series
  • ESP 3 Workshops and Conferences
  • ESP 5 Research Visits (Outward / Inward)

 Support for data and other resources  

  • ERIM Research Facilities
  • ESP 6 Data Collection in the Field
  • ESP 8 Personal Research Assistants (PRA) 
  • ESP 12 Data Collection in Lab Experiments (EBL)
  • ESP 13 Materials, Equipment, Software & Databases

Support for publishing and dissemination

  • ESP 2 ERIM Open Access Publishing
  • ESP 4 Editing of Scientific Texts
  • ESP 7 Submission Fees for Journals
  • ESP 9 ERIM Inaugural Address Series Research in Management

Support for PhD candidates

  • ESP 10 ERIM Support Programme for PhD candidates
  • ESP 11 ERIM PhD Series: “Research in Management”

More information is available on MyERIM (for ERIM members only). Please log-in to MyERIM using your ERNA number (including