ERIM Support Programmes (ESP)

The ERIM Support Programmes (ESPs) offers financial support to ERIM affiliates to further their (team) research and personal development ambitions. ERIM affiliates include ERIM Fellows, ERIM (Associate) Members, ERIM Beneficiaries, and ERIM PhD Candidates (full-time and part-time).

Support for events and international collaboration  

  • ESP 1 Organisation of Seminar Series
  • ESP 2 Organisation of Workshops and Conferences
  • ESP 3 Research Visits (Outward / Inward)

 Support for data and other resources  

  • ESP 4 Purchasing Databases
  • ESP 5 Purchasing Microdata
  • ESP 6 Purchasing Materials, Equipment & Software
  • ESP 7 Data Collection in the Field
  • ESP 8 Data Collection in Lab Experiments (EBL)

Support for publishing and dissemination

  • ESP 9 Personal Research Assistants (PRA)
  • ESP 10 Editing of Scientific Texts
  • ESP 11 Submission Fees for Journals
  • ESP 12 Editorial Leadership

Support for PhD candidates

  • ESP 13A Full-time PhD Candidates
  • ESP 13B Part-time PhD Candidates
  • ESP 14A Full-time PhD Series
  • ESP 14B Part-time PhD Series

Support for Inaugural Address Series & Farewell Address

  • ESP 15A ERIM Inaugural Address Series
  • ESP 15B ERIM Farewell Address

More information is available on MyERIM (for ERIM members only). Please log-in to MyERIM using your ERNA number (including