RSM Internal Review Board

Section Non-Experimental

RSM encourages all non-experimental research to be assessed by a recently established Internal Review Board. The aim of this assessment is to ensure that all research that is carried out by faculty members complies with good practice in terms of protecting the privacy and identity of human subjects in the collection, storage and publication of research data.

Researchers who wish their research to be assessed are requested to complete a brief survey with a set of screening questions. When your answers to these questions indicate that you have taken adequate measures to protect the privacy and interests of your research subjects, then the IRB records this and grants permission to conduct the research. You will then also receive for your own records an email or letter with the formal response from the IRB.

If however your answers indicate a certain risk to the privacy and interests of the subjects studied, the Board will contact you. Your application is reviewed by two members and the chair. The IRB-NE strives to respond to you within two weeks.

You can access the application form by logging into Ethics Monitor with your ERNA account. You can find more about the application procedure here.

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Section Non-Experimental Research