Research Transparency

From Preregistration to Open Access

As part of the Open Science initiative, geared towards making our scientific routines more open with our scholarly and societal stakeholders, ERIM is organizing the next month-long campaign in March 2022 focusing on Research Transparency.

The ERIM Research Transparency Campaign is intended to bring awareness of preregistration and other open research practices necessary to ensure transparency in the research workflow.
We will have several sessions related to the value of preregistration for quantitative and qualitative research (including hands-on workshops), the importance of strong theory and reliable measures, open materials, open access publishing, and much more.
Below is the calendar of all the events planned (online), please make sure to register to receive the link.

We look forward to meeting you in all the sessions.

ERIM, Erasmus University Library, and Erasmus Research Services

All logos of the campaign were created by Josien Dümmer and distributed under CC-BY 4.0 license.




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