Confidential Counselors

What can a confidential counselor do for me?

ERIM wants to promote and provide an open, safe and inclusive research culture in which researchers feel comfortable not only discussing research standards and dilemmas but also to hold each other accountable for compliance and report suspicions of non-compliance to dedicated confidential counselors.

Are you experiencing any unwanted behaviors from your colleagues? Are you pressured to perform your work in a way that you believe unethical? Confidential counselors can be the first point of contact so that they can walk with you to determine next steps. The confidential counselor will keep consultations with you confidential.

How can I contact a confidential counselor?

You can find the list of confidential counselors at EUR below. You can approach any of them even if they are not affiliated with ERIM, ESE, or RSM. 


What if you are unsure whether to contact the confidential counselor directly? Or, what if you want to remain anonymous? The case managers Safe@EUR can help you to navigate the process. 

Safe@EUR is the central contact point for reporting undesirable behavior. You can contact them using the contact form or by phone.