Corporate Governance and Competitiveness


Understanding how ownership, decision-making and the accountability practices used by modern enterprise organisations affect and influence their ability to develop and exploit resources in order to create value for the shareholders and the societies in which they operate is, in broad terms, the focus of the Corporate Governance and Competitiveness sphere of ERIM’s internationally respected Strategy and Enterprise programme.

The focus of the Corporate Governance and Competitiveness theme is on three key areas that are critical to understanding how corporate governance affects the strategic renewal and competitiveness of firms:

  • While research has extensively addressed the performance and value consequences of a broad array of governance practices in public firms, understanding how these governance practices affect strategic renewal processes in these firms is not yet fully understood and thus represents a strong area for academic study.
  • Because the bulk of corporate governance research has been on publicly listed firms, very little is known about the governance of non-listed forms of enterprise organisations, such as business groups, family firms, professional partnerships, cooperatives, and other closely held forms of enterprise organisation. Much new knowledge and insights are undoubtedly to be found in this considerable area.
  • As a consequence of Western institutions being taken for granted because of the predominant research focus on the US and Europe, relatively little is known about how country-level institutions affect the ownership and governance choices of firms, and how this in turn affects the strategic renewal, competitiveness and performance of firms.

Essentially, the sphere of Corporate Governance and Competitiveness explores the very heart of modern organisational capitalism and the key factors that contribute to firm- and country-level differences in competitiveness.


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