People related to the ERIM Strategy and Entrepreneurship programme.

Fellow ERIM

Pursey Heugens
Professor of Organization Theory, Development, and Change, Scientific Director ERIM, Dean of Research RSM
Justin Jansen
Professor of Corporate Entrepreneurship
Hans van Oosterhout
Professor of Corporate Governance and Responsibility
Enrico Pennings
Professor Applied Industrial Organization
Professor in Global Strategy
Vareska van de Vrande
Professor of Collaborative Innovation and Business Venturing

Honorary Fellow ERIM

Frans Van Den Bosch
Professor of Management Interfaces between Organizations and Environment

Member ERIM

Associate Professor of Strategic Management
René Bakker
Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Associate Professor of Global Strategy
Luca Berchicci
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing
Harry Commandeur
Professor of Industrial Economics and Business