Marketing Management and Strategy


Marketing Management & Strategy operating as a specialist theme within ERIM’s highly respected Marketing programme and has traditional strengths in the area of marketing management support systems (MMSS).

With the advent of the internet and other advances in information technology, the Marketing Management & Strategy theme explores the interactive paradigm that is emerging in marketing practice and research with particular emphasis on its implications for channel management, online marketing, customer relationship management and customer empowerment. Key research questions include:

  • What is the impact of interactive environments on customer decision-making processes?
  • How can firms optimise their interactions with consumers across multiple channels?
  • What is the value of different ongoing consumer–firm relationships?
  • How does electronic word-of-mouth spread across customer networks?

There is also a particularly strong connection between the Marketing Management and Strategy research and Marketing Modelling research. Many of the modelling projects involve questions that are highly relevant to managers. Typical areas are international diffusion and adoption of new technologies and new life science therapies, the international launch and pricing of new pharmaceuticals, the effectiveness of marketing instruments and organisational and consumer behaviour with regard to technology choice.


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