Research Seminars

Fri. 8 Dec. 2023 Research Seminar
Range Minimization and Fairness over Time
Bart van Rossum (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Tue. 12 Dec. 2023 Research Seminar
Striving Like A Pro: Evidence of Differences in Effort to Improve by Professionalism After Industry Accidents
Oliver Hahl (Carnegie Mellon University)
Tue. 12 Dec. 2023 Research Seminar
Do Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth? How Reporting to Multiple Managers Affects Worker Performance.
RocĂ­o Bonet (Instituto de Empresa)
Tue. 12 Dec. 2023 Research Seminar
The Drive for Marketplace Dignity: Understanding its Anatomy and Implications
Catherine Lamberton (University of Pennsylvania)
Thu. 14 Dec. 2023 Research Seminar
Cash Flow Hedges in Other Comprehensive Income
Tharindra Ranasinghe (American University)
Tue. 9 Jan. 2024 Research Seminar
Firm Growth and the Scaling Intensity of Ai-Enabled Platform and Service Startups
Robert Kauffman (Copenhagen Business School)
Mon. 29 Jan. 2024 Research Seminar
Navigating Local and Global Embeddedness to Enable Economic Inclusion
Tom Lawrence (University of Oxford)