Research Seminars

Tue. 16 Oct. 2018 Research Seminar
Safe Asset Shortages: Evidence from the European Government Bond Lending Market
Reena Aggarwal (Georgetown University)
Thu. 18 Oct. 2018 Research Seminar
Two-part models are robust to endogenous selection
David Drukker (STATA Corp)
Thu. 25 Oct. 2018 Research Seminar
ERIM Accounting seminar Urooj Khan
Urooj Khan (Columbia Business School)
Tue. 30 Oct. 2018 Research Seminar
Leader cognition and behavior as outcomes rather than predictors: The influence of followers and team members
Russell Johnson (Michigan State University)
Tue. 30 Oct. 2018 Research Seminar
The Deregulation of the Private Equity Markets and the Decline in IPOs
Michael Ewens (Caltech)
Fri. 2 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
A column generation approach for the driver scheduling problem with staff cars
Shyam Sundar (Technical University of Denmark)
Tue. 13 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
Why Do Mutual Funds Hold Lottery Stocks?
Vikas Agarwal (Georgia State University)
Thu. 15 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
Inference under shape restrictions
Joachim Freyberger (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Fri. 16 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
Robust policies for location-transportation problems with integer transshipment
Ahmadreza Marandi (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Tue. 20 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
ERIM Finance Seminar Mara Faccio
Mara Faccio (Purdue University)
Tue. 27 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
Aggregate demand for bank capital
Marcus Opp (University of California Berkeley)
Thu. 29 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
Pivoting in Action: How Repositioning Successive Change as Scientific Revision Enables Managerial Discretion
Matthew Grimes (University of Cambridge)
Thu. 29 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
Estimation of the realized high-order moments
Ostap Okhrin (Dresden University of Technology)
Tue. 4 Dec. 2018 Research Seminar
ERIM Finance Seminar Vladimir Mukharlyamov
Vladimir Mukharlyamov (Georgetown University)
Thu. 6 Dec. 2018 Research Seminar
Can Academic Research Generate New Anomalies?
Alex Horenstein (University of Miami)
Tue. 11 Dec. 2018 Research Seminar
Teaser Rate Loans and Consumer Welfare
Neale Mahoney (The University of Chicago Booth School of Business)
Thu. 13 Dec. 2018 Research Seminar
ERIM Accounting Seminar Peter Easton
Peter Easton (University of Notre Dame)