Research Seminars

Mon. 19 Feb. 2018
Dynamic Online Pricing with Incomplete Information Using Multi-Armed Bandit Experiments
Kanishka Misra (University of California San Diego)
Thu. 22 Feb. 2018
Post-Acquisition Mobility: The Role of Expertise Similarity and Network Ties
Tobias Kretschmer (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich )
Fri. 23 Feb. 2018
Crafting papers for publication
Gerardo Patriotta (University of Warwick)
Thu. 15 Mar. 2018
Empirical Asset Pricing via Machine Learning
Daicheng Xiu (University of Chicago)
Mon. 26 Mar. 2018
Picker routing in the e-commerce era: New problems and algorithms
Nils Boysen (University of Jena)