New Managerial Roles and Organisational Forms


As part of ERIM’s highly respected Strategy and Entrepreneurship programme, the New Managerial Roles and Organisational Forms research theme is at the forefront of developing new knowledge into the nature and form of strategic renewal in firms.

Its objective is to systematically build new theory and to test it using large-scale longitudinal and cross-sectional data so that core issues might be addressed, such as:

  • How new managerial roles have emerged in response to environmental turbulence, allowing multi-unit firms to deal with the impetus for strategic renewal.
  • When is renewal a selection or an adaptive process?
  • Are there generic patterns of renewal or is each renewal journey uniquely idiosyncratic?
  • What roles do top and middle managers play in renewal journeys?

These issues are explored as a conduit into the internal environment of organisations, thereby enabling deeply investigative studies into the journeys of strategic renewal of multi-unit firms and allowing faculty members the opportunity to develop new insights about how and why the processes of exploration and exploitation unfold.


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