Focusing on managerial and consumer decision-making processes in marketing, the mission of this ERIM programme is to contribute to the body of knowledge of marketing in a way that has academic rigour, leads to new scientific insights and has practical relevance in the fields of consumer behaviour, marketing management and strategy, and marketing modelling.

A significant part of the Marketing programme’s research addresses issues that are of direct relevance for marketers and consumers meaning that many research projects take place in close cooperation with companies.

Excellence in research

Excellence in research is a prerequisite in all of ERIM’s programmes. The Marketing programme exemplifies the great strides ERIM has made in this regard with recognition coming through national and international research awards and in research output rankings.

The Marketing programme has a strong track record in obtaining third-party funding for its research, including NWO VENI grants, Marie Curie Individual Postdoctoral Fellowships from the European Union, and NWO/ANR/DFG/ESRC Open Research Area funding, a collaborative grant for work undertaken with partners from France, Germany and the UK.

Additionally, the Marketing programme has obtained grants from the KNAW, the European Union (FP7), ZON-MW (NWO), and Netspar.

Faculty members, as well as being successful in obtaining national and EU research grants, are active members of scientific bodies such as the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and the European Marketing Academy.

Societal relevance and impact

Supporting ERIM’s achievements in successfully creating and disseminating new knowledge that is innovative and meaningful are the two pillars of societal relevance and impact. Highlighting this, the Marketing programme has much close collaboration with the commercial sector with the purpose of co-creation, knowledge diffusion, and participation in public debate.

Acknowledging it’s prestigious position in the field of marketing, the programme has played host to numerous international conferences and symposiums, including with both the European and American Marketing Associations. Faculty members have also chaired many international conferences.

Building on ERIM’s traditions of rigorous academic study that has meaningful impact and relevance, the recently-founded Erasmus Centre for the Marketing of Innovation (ECMI) has established a research pipeline that connects academics globally with the purpose of developing analytical methods and tools that helps organisations collect and translate consumer data into products and services that cater for unmet needs and which can be developed for successful market take-off.

Find out more: Erasmus Centre for the Marketing of Innovation

Similarly, ERIM is at the cutting-edge of neuroscience research courtesy of the Erasmus Centre for Neuroeconomics. The centre applies advanced neuroscience techniques to gain novel insights into consumer behaviour and decision-making and leads the way in showing how neuro-imaging methods such as fMRI and EEG can complement conventional marketing research.

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Research Initiatives MKT

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ERIM takes great pride in developing a collaborative and highly professional working environment where researchers share common goals and strive together to achieve impactful research that reaches the highest academic standards.