Global Strategy


Addressing the global aspects of questions central to strategic management, this theme within the internationally renowned Strategy and Entrepreneurship programme investigates cross-border business activities and analyses the extent to which they vary in different national contexts. At the same time it examines the expansive world views of organisations in which foreign locations are regarded not just as markets but also as sources of knowledge, learning and competitive advantage in their own right.

Understanding that recent global and regional developments, such as the rise of emerging markets, worldwide financial crises, climate change and regional integration have resulted in challenges to established institutions that necessitate swift and decisive action at the strategic level, this research theme seeks to address questions that carry great weight for global strategic management. For example:

  • How do firms behave in a global context?
  • How do they differ in that context?
  • How do they enter into and expand in foreign markets?
  • What is the function of the head office in a globally diversified firm?
  • What determines success or failure in global competition?
  • How are strategic processes affected and conditioned by cultural and institutional differences across national contexts?
  • How do firms deal with the institutions that differ across countries in the formulation and implementation of global strategies?

Using a wide variety of theories, methodological designs and analytical skills, the Global Strategy theme aims to address these questions and contribute to this important, vibrant and dynamic field of study.


Global Strategy at ERIM offers a collaborative and multidisciplinary environment where researchers share many common goals including the pursuit of academic excellence.