Entrepreneurship, whether at the level of people, organisations, regions or economies, is acknowledged as an important means of revitalising performance and encouraging growth. Thus the Entrepreneurship theme of ERIM’s Strategy and Entrepreneurship programme itself plays a crucial role in helping scholars and practitioners gain a better understand of the drivers, challenges and dynamics of this exciting field.

As part of ERIM’s highly respected Strategy and Entrepreneurship programme, faculty members hold many positions on the editorial boards of leading journals and in recognition of their academic achievements have been honoured with numerous awards.

Research into entrepreneurship has a strong tradition of focusing on entrepreneurial decision-making, and this is fuelled by experimental research designs pioneered by researchers in social psychology and behavioural economics. Also, the role of entrepreneurship at the macro level, ie, its implications for society and for the economy, is very much part of the research agenda.

The Entrepreneurship theme is organised into two inter-related areas – Strategic Entrepreneurship and the Economics of Entrepreneurship.

Strategic Entrepreneurship

Using multi-level approaches, this are examines the challenges associated with strategic entrepreneurship and looks at the key organisational and managerial features that enable successful organisations not only to resolve paradoxical challenges but also to navigate complex business environments with new business models.

Economics of Entrepreneurship

Taking entrepreneurial behaviour as an example of decision-making under uncertainty, with potentially far-reaching consequences for the decision-maker and for society, this field explores a diverse range of research topics, such as the macro-economic causes and consequences of entrepreneurship, social and international entrepreneurship, and the evolution of industries.

Additionally, entirely novel views of entrepreneurial behaviour are investigated, such as the role of bio- and psycho-markers. This emerging field also combines concepts and methods from molecular genetics, psychiatry, and microeconomics.

Researchers within the Entrepreneurship theme and in the Strategy and Entrepreneurship programme can also draw on the expertise of, or participate in the development of new knowledge with, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship.

The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship focuses on developing new insights at the macro and micro level, with the former investigating the economic causes and consequences of entrepreneurship, and the latter examining entrepreneurship at the individual and firm level.

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