S.H. (Silviu Horia) Tierean MSc

Silviu Horia Tierean
Abertay University
ERIM PhD Candidate
Field: Organisation
Affiliated since 2012

PhD Track The role of corporate reputation in business-to-business buying behavior

Business-to-business buying behavior has traditionally been regarded as relatively rational and controlled because, unlike consumer markets, in industrial markets purchase decisions are usually made by highly qualified multi-person decision making bodies, within a formalized procurement processes. However, less rational factors such a good corporate reputation and supplier-customer identification could also have important roles. The currently proposed PhD project therefore aims to provide insight into whether, why, and when different dimensions of corporate reputation can influence buying decisions in a business-to-business context. Firstly, we intend to summarize through the means of meta-analysis the existent literature on the role of reputation on business-to-business-buying behavior. Secondly, we investigate the interaction between the effects of message appeal used in marketing communication and type corporate associations on buying intentions of potential customers. Thirdly, we analyze the effect of distance between the supplier and potential customer on perceived image of the supplier, on supplier-customer identification and on buying intentions. Finally we explore the role of reputation in the internal dynamics of the buying center in the context of hospital equipment acquisitions. This project contributes to the literature on business-to-business marketing by investigating the influence of corporate reputation in business purchasing contexts, and the reasons and boundary conditions for this influence.

business-to-business marketing; corporate reputation; corporate associations; corporate social responsibility; corporate ability; buying intentions; supplier-customer identification; message appeal; psychological distance; buying center
Time frame
2012 -
  • S.H. Tierean & G.A.J.M. Berens (2017). Why does psychic distance inhibit international buyer-supplier relationships? In A. Verbeke, J. Puck & R. van Tulder (Eds.), Distance in International Business: Concept, Cost and Value (rogress in International Business Research, 12) (pp. 207-222). Bingley, U.K.: Emerald


Postal address

Bell Street,
DD1 1HG Dundee
United Kingdom