Robustness, Fragility and Misspecification in Econometric Modelling



Econometric Institute Lecture Series 2007
Tom Sargent (New York University en Stanford University), president of the American Economic Association, is an expert on dynamic macro-economics. Three of his important books are: Recursive Macroeconomic Theory, The Big Problem of Small Change, and The Conquest of American Inflation.
All PhD students and staff are cordially invited to attend these lectures (free of charge). Please register with Elli Hoek van Dijke (even when one can only attend part of the lectures).
Two introductory lectures on Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models will be presented by professor Herman K. van Dijk.
The research work by Sargent and DSGE models are used by the ECB and the FED for international policy analysis on inflation and interest rates.

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