Beyond "Art versus Industry": Developing a More Useful Set of Categories and Contingencies to Describe (and Guide) Innovative Work



In business (and business schools), people often use the word “art” to describe work done by “creative” people that resists explication. Sometimes the word bears additional disparaging implications: that the work lacks rigor or reliability, or that its processes are immature or unmanageable. In this seminar, I show that such unexamined notions should give way to a more nuanced, process- based understanding of artfulness that we can derive from careful inquiry and observation. Specifically, I report results from a multiyear study of the determinants of work process structure and the resulting principles and practices of artful work. We show that in appropriate conditions industrialists may work artfully, and artists may work industrially; and that this refined set of categories can be used to successfully design and manage innovative.
Contact information: J. Dul