Understanding Business Creation: Advances with the Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics



An overview of the conceptualization, rationale, and implementation of longitudinal studies of business creation, emphasizing the experiences and results of two U.S. projects, issues in defining critical events in the start-up process, and illustrative findings.
Paul D. Reynolds is the Howard Hoffman Distinguished Visiting Scholar of Management and Entrepreneurship at George Washington University. He has held faculty appointments at the U. of California, Riverside; U. of Minnesota; Marquette University; Babson College; London Business School, and Florida International University and visiting and research appointments at the U of Michigan, U of Pennsylvania Wharton School, INSEAD in France, and Nanyang Technical University in Singapore. Reynolds completed undergraduate work in engineering at the U of Kansas (BS; 1960); all graduate work was completed at Stanford University, with degrees earned in business (1964; MBA), psychology (1966; MA), and sociology (1969; PhD). Over the past 20 years he was the coordinating principal investigator of two longitudinal studies of US business creation [Panel Studies of Entrepreneurial Dynamics, I and II] and the founding principal investigator of a forty nation comparison of entrepreneurial activity [Global Entrepreneurship Monitor]. Reynolds currently serves as co-principal investigator of the second US Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics. He is the author or co-author of five books; seven edited collections; 42 research reports and monographs; 85 peer review journal articles and book chapters; seven data sets in the ICPSR archives; and over two hundred presentations to professional and policy audiences. In 2004 Reynolds received the annual Swedish International Award for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research.
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