ERIM Research Clinic: Entrepreneurship and the Crisis: Lessons for Entrepreneurship Research



The presentation consists of two parts. The first deals with major changes which took place in the organization of modern economies in the last twenty years. They moved away from a ‘managed economy’ towards an ‘entrepreneurial economy’. This move is perhaps one of the most important phenomena following the introduction of information and communication technologies (ICT) based upon the microprocessor. It will be explained what this means and why this happened. The second part is about the interplay between the economic cycle and the role of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship appears to be a leading indicator in the economic cycle and this phenomenon has important implications not just for economic policy but also for the way innovations can be absorbed by companies. So, both structural as well as cyclical aspects of entrepreneurship will be presented.

Required Reading:

Audretsch, D.B. & Thurik, A.R., Unraveling the Shift to the Entrepreneurial Economy

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Miho Iizuka