Multinational Strategies, Networks and Regional Economic Development



The aims of this intensive two-day workshop are to bring together an international group of researchers with an interest in multinational strategies, trade and FDI, and re-gional economic development; to present and discuss research findings on the effect of trade, investments and labor mobility on the performance of urban systems; and, to ex-plore opportunities for joint research by exploring a research agenda “Multinational Strategies, Networks and Regional Economic Development" by taking an interdisci-plinary perspective combining insights from economic geography, international eco-nomics, and international business. Presented papers will be considered for publication in a volume by an international recognized journal and/or publisher.

Themes include:
- FDI, trade and regional economic development
- Location and multinational strategy
- Internationalization of clusters
- Entry strategy of multinationals
- Trade, FDI and European integration
- Offshoring of R&D and regional economic development
- Urban and regional competition for foreign direct investment

We are happy to announce that Prof. dr. Roberto Basile, Prof. dr. Philip McCann, and Prof. dr. Klaus Meyer will present keynote lectures. The venue of the workshop is the Woudestein campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. For more information on Rotterdam, see The work-shop is organized by the RSA Research Network on Regional Urban Systems and their Performance. Organizers are Dr. Martijn Burger (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Prof. dr. Frank van Oort (Utrecht University), Dr. Evert Meijers (TU Delft), and Prof. dr. Enrico Pennings (Erasmus University Rotterdam).

Thanks to the support of the Regional Studies Association and the Erasmus Re-search Institute for Management, participation in the workshop (including informal dinner) is free of charge.

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Registration for attending the workshop by e-mail ( is mandatory.

Contact information:
Martijn Burger