How do You Benefit from the Reputation of Your Team Members? A Role-theoretical Perspective on Reputation Spillovers in Danish Film



My presentation will have an unusual format. The first part of the presentation will provide a critique of current reputation research and introduce an alternative role-theoretic perspective on reputation. This part of the presentation is based on the following two chapters on reputation ( and status (

The two chapters, particularly the one on reputation, are useful but not necessary to read before presentation. Building on the theoretical frameworks introduced in the two chapters, the second part of the presentation will focus on an empirical study of reputation spillovers among film casts and crews (producers, directors, writers, cinematographers, editors, and actors/actresses) in the Danish film industry 1996-2008. The purpose of this study is to examine vertical (from ego to ego) and horizontal (from alter to ego) reputation spillovers in a temporal team-project context. The empirical study is very much work-in-progress, so there will not be a paper available for this part of the presentation, but I will present some interesting initial results.

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