ERIM Seminar on Professionalism and Integrity


All ERIM members and PhD candidates are cordially invited to participate in the ERIM seminar on professionalism and integrity on 4 December. While all ERIM members and students are welcome to attend, we encourage in particular tenure-trackers and senior PhD students to attend this seminar.

Since 2011, ERIM has undertaken various initiatives to stimulate awareness and debate regarding scientific integrity issues. One of these initiatives regarded the introduction of a course on research professionalism and integrity, which was mandatory for all new MPhil and PhD students, in Fall 2012.
After considering the positive participant feedback on this course, and feedback from the different ERIM programmes and the Programme Advisory Committee, we now offer this course to other ERIM members, in a compact one-day seminar version.
This also fits with the recommendations of the EUR Taskforce on Scientific Integrity, which will be made public over the next month.

The seminar consists of three sessions, built around two key elements:

  • Debating dilemmas: In an interactive setting, you will be discussing specific dilemmas with your peers, in order to develop, communicate and discuss arguments for dealing with integrity dilemmas.
  • Providing information: What are the principles, values and rules such as they apply to the field of management research in general, and to our university and research institute in particular:
    • “ERIM Values”; what attitudes and behaviors do we expect from ERIM members,
    • Codes of Conduct, such as the code of the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU)
    • Practical issues, e.g. how to deal with suspected misconduct.

The seminar will be concluded with participants signing a pledge (“integriteitsverklaring”).

The first edition of this seminar on professionalism and integrity will be held on Wednesday 4 December, 10-17 in the Faculty Club.
A second edition will be held in the Spring. Participation is free of charge.
Next to this seminar, each of the ERIM programs will organize its own session focusing on professionalism and integrity.
We expect all ERIM members to have participated in either the seminar or a programme-specific session, before 1 September 2014.

To register for the seminar on 4 December, please do the following – before 15 November:

  1. Go to and log in with your ERNA credentials if required.
  2. Click in the checkbox under “Reg” and click Save Changes.
  3. Your registration is complete. You will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail.
  4. If you have problems with the registration, please contact Miho Iizuka (