Entrepreneurial Leapfrogging by Emerging Multinationals: the Mechanism of Disruptive Innovation from the Bottom of the Pyramid as Home Context



We know little about the mechanisms and contexts for emerging multinational firms as global latecomers to catch up with and even leapfrog global early-movers. Further, there is limited knowledge about the underlying contexts and mechanisms for disruptive innovation at the bottom of the pyramid initiated by emerging multinationals in the emerging economies. The cross-fertilization between such two research streams provides a rare opportunity to shed light on their link toward an interdisciplinary domain of international strategic entrepreneurship (ISE). This article will develop an integrative typology of global innovations as well as a dynamic model of entrepreneurial leapfrogging as the initial building blocks of ISE. In particular, this article seeks to explore how the home context as an emerging economy for emerging multinationals specifically shape the trajectory of disruptive innovation, which in turn shape the trajectory of catching up and leapfrogging processes by emerging multinationals.