Cultural Diversity, the Challenge of Creating Added Value



Diversity has been portrayed as a key driver for future company performance by researchers and managers alike. Recent studies show that incorporating diversity within company policies is not without its challenges. During this afternoon, we will present the core findings of an EU funded project (REDIVE, see on recruitment for effective European cultural workforce diversity. These findings show that the step towards diversity is often motivated more by necessity than by idealism. We will also focus on how key success factors for cultural diversity can actually help create added value for HR.  The practical HR-side of cultural diversity will be illustrated by Heiko Hutmacher, Chief HR Officer of the Metro Group.

The Metro Group is a holding that owns companies like the MediaMarkt and the Makro, with 280.000 employees worldwide and a turnover of 60B Euro. Metro AG has been recruiting international professionals for its global organization for many years now. It has also experienced the advantages of having an international workforce and in the previous years has seen its culture, procedures and decision processes change.

This event will explore the reasons why organizations strive for cultural diversity and how HR professionals have taken this issue as an opportunity to create and present the added value of HR.

Program details

15.00 – 15.30

15.30 – 15.40 Welcome
15.40 – 17.15 Presentation by Heiko Hutmacher and Dirk van Dierendonck
17.15 – Networking – drinks, snacks and sandwiches will be served