Types & Roles of Entrepreneurship



It is with great pleasure that I send you an invitation to the 4th DARE research seminar on Types and Roles of Entrepreneurship. We will discuss what we know about various types of entrepreneurs (e.g. ambitious entrepreneurship, solo self-employment et cetera) and which roles they play in our economy and society.


15:00-15:15 Coffee and tea
15:15-15:20 Welcome and Introduction by Roy Thurik

Types & Roles of Entrepreneurship
We study the various roles that different types of entrepreneurs play in economy and so-ciety. We will do so by connecting to the so-called entrepreneurial ecosystem approach. In particular, for a selection of entrepreneurial types, we review empirical literature deal-ing with prevalence, characteristics, determinants as well as economic and societal con-tributions.

Presenters: Various researchers from Panteia


The Contribution of SMEs to the Dutch Economy
We study the contribution of SMEs to the Dutch economy. In this study, firms (in particu-lar small and medium-sized firms) rather than entrepreneurs are the central object of study.

Presenters: Various researchers from Panteia


Reflections on Panteia/EIM’s research program on SMEs and entre-preneurship, 19XX – 2014
Reflections are given on the role of the Research Program as a vehicle for entrepreneurship re-search in the Netherlands.

Presenters: Erik Stam (Utrecht School of Economics), Hans Kamps (Chair of the Research Pro-gram Committee on SMEs and Entrepreneurship) and Roy Thurik (Erasmus School of Econom-ics & Panteia)

17:00-18:00 Closing remarks by Roy Thurik and drinks