3rd Workshop of the Euro Working Group on Pricing and Revenue Management



For more information, please visit https://www.eur.nl/en/ese/events/revenue-management-and-pricing-2019-08-28.

This workshop program will provide basic and advanced methodologies for revenue management problems. The workshop aims at integrating different disciplines to solve both theoretical and practical concerns that arise in the design and development of systems for network revenue management, pricing, and operation.

The lectures will cover operation research methods, optimization algorithms and econometric models and machine learning. Keynotes will be given on timely topics by well-known researchers in the field. This workshop is open to Master, PhD. and post-doctoral students, as well as researcher and practitioners. This opportunity will facilitate professional networking and exchange of ideas about the theory and practice of research in revenue management.


  • ·         Network Revenue Management
  • ·         Pricing models
  • ·         Choice-based optimization
  • ·         Discrete and large-scale optimization
  • ·         Decision support systems for revenue management

              ·      Case studies


There is a fee of 40 euros, and registration is necessary for participation. Please register here. Deadline for registration is 19 August 2019.

There are  time slots available for students’ presentations. We highly encourage PhD students or postdocs who are working on the related topics to present their research in this workshop. Interested students should send their abstracts (1 page, Times New Roman with 1.5 space between lines), and titles to sharifazadeh@ese.eur.nl no later than 1 August.


Scientific committee

·         Dr. Christiane Barz

·         Dr. Luce Brotcorne

·         Dr. Catherine Cleophas

·         Dr. Arnoud de Boer

·         Dr. Joern Meissner

·         Dr. Shadi Sharif Azadeh