Art-driven Innovation in Practice



A time of radical technologies envisions thrilling foresights. Reality, however, is that we often have a naïve understanding of what technology does to society. Potential lies in taking social (care) and ecological (green) goals as boundaries. Collaborations on the intersection of art, technology and economics create the conditions needed to conceive valuable and responsible innovation opportunities. Through Art-Driven Innovation (ADI), a database supported method, In4Art explores new paths for progress.  


Within the EU context, two projects adapted the ADI method, and will lead to over 25 cases in the coming two years. The method will be assed on whether it could be a driving direction for the New European Bauhaus and New Green Deal to integrate art within the endeavours to stimulate innovation. 

We have an action based approach and in parallel want to develop the theoretical framework. How can we position the ADI-method within the realm of (responsible)  innovation management? There are points of entry for open innovation (strategic foresight, portfolio management, evaporating boundaries), idea generation (alternative way of diverging/ converging ideas and use of exemplars) and iterative implementation processes (taking existing prototypes from one domain into another domain). 


At the same time, we have some assumptions that we want to test: 

> How to evaluate whether the method of ADI is truly an asset for innovation processes

> Embedded in our approach are 8 responsible value drivers, which we build around the ‘paths to innovation’ from Mazucatto and the Sustainable Development Goals. But what is the relation between the art and the value drivers? What is different if we would take a startup idea as entry instead of an artwork?

> what does it mean that the method is used to analyse and categorize existing projects (for portfolio decision making and inspiration), but also to kickstart new developments? 

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