Bright Sparks or Good Chat? Human-AI Co-creativity



Co-partnering people with artificial intelligence (AI) to leverage the two actors’ distinct and complementary skills offers previously unparalleled ways of enhancing creative problem-solving. In this process, people may pose questions to AI, review and interrogate possible options or come up with their own ideas aiming to develop new and useful solutions to problems (hereafter, co-creativity). This has the potential to transform how problems are creatively solved in organizations. Yet achieving this potential requires an understanding of people, AI, and their interaction. Seeking to develop and equip people to succeed, we report data from a study of 223 participants on how to enhance the creativity of humans and AI working in partnership. This aims to offer new insight into how to develop and empower individuals working in partnership with AI to enhance co-creativity.

This seminar will take place in T10-67. Alternatively, see below to join online:

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