Beyond Clock Time: Reimagining How We Work



Work innovations such as ubiquitous communication technology, alternative work arrangements, and hyper-efficiency are revolutionizing our work experiences, making it easier to share information, collaborate with others, and achieve more with less effort. At the same time, it has become increasingly difficult to draw boundaries between work and other aspects of our lives. On an individual level, working one extra hour one day might not seem hugely problematic, but when amplified across time, failure to disconnect from work carries enormous costs to individuals and society at large. In this talk, I will present some of my research on the hidden costs of work innovations for well-being and productivity. I will also share recent research on how employees and leaders can capitalize on the scarcity of time to navigate paradoxical tensions at work.


This seminar will take place in room T10-67 (Mandeville Building), campus Woudestein. Alternatively, please use the link below to join via Zoom.

Meeting ID:                        966 1675 4868

Passcode:                           496637