Who owns or can use educational material? Intellectual Property Rights and Open Education



Open Science & Societal Impact are two major themes at Erasmus University. The goals related to these themes cannot be achieved without Open Education. Together with the library, the ORS program is organizing two events on Open Education on June 11th and 12th to share information on Open Education so that EUR staff can learn more about the movement and understand the effect of sharing and incorporating open educational resources in their courses. 

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With their expertise, University lecturers create enormous amounts of important educational materials. But do you as lecturer also own the intellectual property on the materials or do these rights lie with the university? What are the relevant intellectual property rights and what are the do’s and don’ts if you decide to open up your educational materials? And can you still sell educational books (and earn money from it) if you open up? 

In this workshop, Professor Tobias Cohen Jehoram (professor of Intellectual Property Law) of Erasmus School of Law will discuss the balance between protecting the rights of creators of educational resources on the one hand and promoting open education (and impact) through, for example, open licenses on the other.