Understanding The Dynamics Of A Knowledge Economy

<link portal page _blank>Wilfred Dolfsma and Luc Soete

The ‘knowledge economy’ is a concept commonly deemed too ambiguous and elusive to hold any significance in current economic debate. This valuable book seeks to refute that myth. Presenting an important collection of views, from a number of leading scholars, this innovative volume visibly demonstrates that knowledge and information are a prime resource in driving the dynamics of an economy.

Edited by Wilfred Dolfsma, Economist and Philosopher, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Maastricht University, The Netherlands, Corresponding Editor, Review of Social Economy and 2005/6 NIAS Fellow and Luc Soete, Joint Director, United Nations University-Institute for New Technologies (UNU-INTECH) and the Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (MERIT), and Professor of International Economics, Maastricht University, The Netherlands.

Contributors: J. Bateira, W. Dolfsma, T. Dunnewijk, E. Garnsey, N. Lazaric, L. Leydesdorff, J. Mokyr, P. Muller, I. Salavisa, L. Soete, E. Stam, C. Thomas, R. Wintjes